Spray Array Apparatus

Date: 06/05/2007

Patent Number: 7225999

Tech Descriptor: Adaptable hub and spoke fluid or fuel delivery system

Abstract: Spray array apparatus which includes a plurality of water and air carrying spoke members extending radially from a central fluid distribution assembly. The spoke members are connected to a plurality of water and air carrying strut members. The spoke members are divided into segments and the segments and strut members are detachably joined together by means of manifold joints which have water and air passageways allowing fluid communication between spoke segments and strut members. The apparatus is towed at the end of a boom of a tanker aircraft and is connected to the boom by means of a gimbal allowing two degrees of freedom to reduce bending moments and connection stresses. Selected fluid parameters are transmitted to the tanker aircraft to adjust fluid flow, if necessary.

Technology Maturity: 7

Status: Issued

Market Research: TBD

  • Value Proposition: TBD
  • Customer Segmentation: TBD
  • Tech Differentiators: TBD


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