Quick Release Fitting

Date: 11/15/2011

Patent Number: 8056196

Tech Descriptor: Specialized quick release clip with 2 unique locking arms

Abstract: A quick release fitting including a housing assembly having a main portion and a housing arm extending from the main portion, a locking arm and a locking mechanism. The locking arm has a first locking arm end and a second locking arm end, the first locking arm is rotatably attached to the housing arm. The locking mechanism is disposed within the housing assembly, and communicates with the second locking arm end such the locking arm can be locked or unlocked to the housing assembly. When locked the locking arm is secured to the housing assembly and the housing arm, the locking arm and the housing assembly form a slot, when unlocked the locking arm is not secured to the housing assembly.

Technology Maturity: 7

Status: Issued

Market Research: TBD

  • Value Proposition: TBD
  • Customer Segmentation: TBD
  • Tech Differentiators: TBD

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