Image Enhancer for Detecting and Identifying Objects in Turbid Media

Date: 10/25/2011

Patent Number: 8044999

Tech Descriptor: Low visibility clarifier, with visual and range information

Abstract: An image enhancer that includes a laser for emitting an optical signal toward an object in a turbid medium, a modulator for modulating laser intensity of the optical signal, an RF source for driving the modulator and for providing a reference signal, an optical detector for detecting the modulated optical signal that is reflected from the object, the optical detector converting the reflected optical signal into an electrical signal, the electrical signal having RF and DC components, an I/Q demodulator for mixing the RF component of the electrical signal with the reference signal and producing in-phase and quadrature phase signal components that can be digitized and processed such that both contrast and range images of the object are produced.

Technology Maturity: 6

Status: Issued

Market Research: TBD

  • Value Proposition: TBD
  • Customer Segmentation: TBD
  • Tech Differentiators: TBD

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