Patent Table

TitlePatent NumberAbstractStatus Technology Maturity
Tech DescriptorCategoryMarket Research
Adjustable Liquid Atomization Nozzle
Yes Issued7Misting device that uniquely combines fluids for various outputsMechanical and ChemicalTBD
Effervescent Liquid Fine Mist Apparatus & Method
6598802 Yes Issued7Novel fluid mixing machine with fine misting deviceMechanical and ChemicalTBD
Effervescent Liquid Fine Mist Apparatus & Method 6241164 Yes Issued7Novel fluid mixing machine with fine misting deviceMechanical and ChemicalTBD
Embedded Terrain Awareness Warning System for Aircraft 6484072 Yes Issued7Original terrain warning system with a recovery path broadcasterSoftwareTBD
Extended Range Optical Imaging System for use in Turbid Media

8373862 Yes Issued6Image creator via light-beams, functional in multiple environmentsElectricalYes
Fiber Optic Optical Subassembly Configuration7714991 Yes Issued7Useful support equipment for fiber tests in optical systemsMechanicalTBD
Gesture Recognition Apparatus and Method8005257 Yes Issued6Computing device and process to determine human gesture via sensorsSoftware and MechanicalTBD
Gradient Magnetometer Atom Interferometer8289018 Yes Issued7Unique tool and method to analyze light, materials and micro-displacementsElectrical and ChemicalTBD
Hybrid Lidar-Radar for Medical Diagnostics7010339 Yes Issued7Novel object detector such as for tumors in biological tissuesMedical DevicesTBD
Image Enhancer for Detecting and Identifying Objects in Turbid Media8044999 Yes Issued6Low visibility clarifier, with visual and range informationElectricalTBD
Liquid Atomizing Nozzle5520331 Yes Issued7Fine misting device with good speed and mass flow characteristicMechanical and Chemical TBD
Method and System for Alerting Aircrew to Unsafe Vibration Levels7839304 Yes Issued6Sensitive and predictive vibration sensing and alert systemMechanicalTBD
Optical Bench Fiber Optic Transmitter7853144 Yes Issued6Adjustable light pump for optical test of fibersMechanicalTBD
Optical Subassembly Package Configuration8023784 Yes Issued6Light detector and monitoring system of fibers in optical systemsMechanicalTBD
Personal Portable Environmental Control System7331183 Yes Issued7Personal temperature regulation device for humansElectrical and MechanicalTBD
Quick Release Fitting8056196 Yes Issued7Specialized quick release clip with 2 unique locking armsMechanicalTBD
Robotic Gesture Recognition System7606411 Yes Issued6Innovative interface that uses human gestures to control roboticsRoboticTBD
Spray Array Apparatus7225999 Yes Issued7Adaptable hub and spoke fluid or fuel delivery systemMechanical TBD
Variable Intensity LED Illumination System8004216 Yes Issued7New-fangled LED bulb with increased effectiveness and efficienciesElectricalYes