Here’s what makes 500 Startups’ latest batch the future of entrepreneurship

Sitting in the audience at the 13th batch of accelerator 500 Startups yesterday, something in my brain ticked. There was a difference to this batch that I couldn’t quite place, but it was palpable.

Then, I looked down at my notes and realized something: there was a significant number of female founders taking the stage and pitching companies. Perhaps more than I’d ever seen before from an accelerator in my time as a reporter.

I checked the facts, and it seemed to support my claim: according to a blog post from the accelerator, 500 Startups Batch 13 in Mountain View had 28 companies in total, and 46% of them have at least one woman on the founding team. To do some quick and easy math, at least 12 companies from the batch included at least one female founder on the team.

I inquired about the number, and was told by 500 Startups that Batch 13, “is the most diverse batch than any other when it comes to female/male ratio. ”