Fiber Optic Optical Subassembly Configuration

Date: 5/11/2010

Patent Number: 7714991

Tech Descriptor: Useful support equipment for fiber tests in optical systems

Abstract: A fiber optic optical subassembly configuration for monitoring fibers. The configuration includes a hollow container, a laser for emitting laser signals towards the fibers being monitored, a photodetector for monitoring reflected laser signals from the fibers being monitored and for monitoring laser output power, a beam splitter and an optical fiber. The optical fiber, disposed within the hollow container, has a coated end face surface, the laser emits signals toward and through the beam splitter, whereby a portion of the laser signal illuminates the photodetector, and another portion traverses down the optical fiber toward the coated end face surface and reflects off the coated end face surface toward the fibers that are being monitored, and reflects back from the fibers being monitored to the photodetector such that faults on the fibers can be detected.

Technology Maturity: 7

Status: Issued

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