Extended Range Optical Imaging System for use in Turbid Media

Date: 2/12/2013

Patent Number: 8373862

Tech Descriptor: Image creator via light-beams, functional in multiple environments

Abstract: An extended range optical imaging system and method for use in turbid media generates a beam of coherent light, modulates the beam of coherent light to encode scan information, directs the modulated beam of coherent light from a first location through the turbid medium toward a target, scans the modulated beam of coherent light over the target in a pattern, according to the scan information, to illuminate the target and to cause light to be reflected, detects the modulated light reflected from the target with a sensor at a second location in the turbid medium to derive an output signal that varies in proportion to the modulated reflected light, demodulates the output signal to derive information comprising the scan information, and constructs an image from the output signal and the scan information so derived.

Technology Maturity: 6

Status: Issued

Market Research: TBD

  • Value Proposition: TBD
  • Customer Segmentation: TBD
  • Tech Differentiators: TBD


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