Effervescent Liquid Fine Mist Apparatus & Method

Date: 06/05/2001

Patent Number: 6241164

Tech Descriptor: Novel fluid mixing machine with fine misting device

Abstract: An apparatus for creating a fine liquid mist includes a container capable of holding fluid; one of a perforated basket and a porous bag disposed in the container; a liquid supply connector connected to the container; a mixing chamber connected to the container; and at least one convergent/divergent nozzle connected to the mixing chamber. A method of forming an effervescent fine liquid mist includes mixing liquid and chemical reactant to form non-toxic, noncombustible gas bubbles; mixing the liquid and the gas bubbles to form a two-phase fluid flow; and directing the two-phase fluid flow through at least one convergent/divergent nozzle.

Technology Maturity: 7

Status: Issued

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