Adjustable Liquid Atomization Nozzle

Adjustable Liquid Atomizing Nozzle from MMC Productions Inc on Vimeo.

Issue Date: 4/28/2009

Patent Number: 7523876

Tech Descriptor: Misting device that uniquely combines fluids for various outputs

Abstract: An apparatus for mixing two or more fluids, gases or other substances and conveying said fluids, gases or other substances through a convergent-divergent (C-D) nozzle to produce a highly atomized output flow that is adjustable from no atomization to full atomization, said preferred embodiment of said apparatus having a housing and a nose portion and a gripping portion, the housing including an outer conduit and an inner conduit, the outer and inner conduits positioned and arranged to convey fluids, gases and other substances from an entry point to an exit point and into the entry end of a C-D nozzle and through said C-D nozzle to produce an output flow. The location of the outer conduit, inner conduit and C-D nozzle may be adjusted to vary the output flow from no atomization to full atomization. The pressure and flow rate in each conduit may also be separately adjusted to obtain the desired output flow.

Technology Maturity: 7

Status: Issued

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